Here We Are (podcast)

I’m a podcast obsessive.  I love listening to interesting, funny or entertaining stuff, and I can’t get my head around why more people don’t download them.  They’re free f’rChris’sakes!  You always have your phone with you and unfortunately in this world you’re going to end up doing a lot of boring tasks – stick some earphones in and distract yourself next time you’re jogging, doing the dishes or taking a dump.  And thank me for improving your life immeasurably.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.36.43

A UK-based friend of mine recommended this podcast to me and I want to do the same for you (although you probably don’t even listen to podcasts).  It’s hosted by a US standup called Shane Maus (he pronounces it Moss but one of his guests who is actually German has the same name and says it’s ‘Mouse’).  I’ve never heard his comedy, but this isn’t really a ‘funny’ podcast.  It’s a series of interviews with researchers, lecturers, doctors, and other sciencey types issues relating to psychology and sociology.

It sounds dry but it’s really accessible and I’ve been binge-listening recently.  I’ve learned such fascinating things as female ducks have incredibly complicated (you might say labyrinthine and hey, I just wrote it) vaginas (I just wrote that too, don’t run away) and people who talk to randoms on buses are happier than those who just sit down staring at the ground.  You’ll also hear a lot about how Shane jumped off a ledge and broke both his feet, the poor bastard.

It’s definitely intended for a general audience although it obviously helps if you have some level of interest in and knowledge of science.  The guests are usually very good at articulating their studies and crucially they provide context and plausible explanations for the outcomes.  It’s one of those podcasts you can trawl through back episodes for topics that interest you (I didn’t search for ‘complicated vaginas’ by the way) and subscribe to future ones too.  He puts out one a week pretty religiously, I think.

The only mildly negative thing I can think to say is that sometimes the audio levels are a bit off and I can’t hear Shane’s voice through the wind noise in my earphones.  Oh and the theme tune is great, but is the most persistent kind earworm; it’s been keeping me awake for over a week now!

Here’s a link to the website: although if you already have iTunes or a podcast app you can just search for it by name.



2 thoughts on “Here We Are (podcast)

  1. Think I said this already but a really good introduction to Mauss is Bert Kreischer’s podcast episode 169 from a few weeks ago, he explains who he is, moans about his broken legs a bit, and says why the first 20 or so of his podcasts all sound like shit. Also, Bert is very funny, another excellent podcaster.

    UK-Based friend? Based? As in ‘based’? Everyone on Reddit is calling Trump ‘Based’ so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, apparently you are saying that I ‘look like Jesus’ and am ‘swagging to the maximum’, while ‘living in a mansion’ and ‘having many girls’. Not entirely accurate.


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