Come and join me

You read this blog (self-evidently).  You almost certainly know me (I can see the readership stats).  You probably haven’t got any plans for the summer.

So come and see me!

I have several exciting vacancies for travelling companions, weekend friends, camping companions and more.  Just send me a message.

Seriously though – I’m aware that in the real world of snow and coldness, people are probably planning their ‘holidays’ and I’m trying to sort out my own schedule for the glory months of June/July/August.  Here are some options, let me know if you want in on any of them:

  • Go to the Alps to watch some of the Dauphine – 5th-12th June
  • Go to the Alps to watch some of the Tour de France – 9/10/11th July Pyrenees, 14th Ventoux, 20/21/22 Alpine finale (I think)
  • Go to the south of France to be in the same area as all the hooligans are when England win the European Championship – mid-to-end-of-June?
  • Watch some mountain biking? – dunno, you tell me (July or August)
  • Go to a big music festival? – dunno, you tell me (July or August)
  • Anything else cheap where I can camp and get drunk – dunno, you tell me (July or August)
  • Cycling Camino de Santiago – probably 1-2 weeks in August or September

I’ve got half a mind to come back to the UK to show of my cycle-tourist tan (the brownest knees this side of Kiev) in August, so if there’s anything happening then, let me know.








2 thoughts on “Come and join me

  1. Hi Dan, been following progress, sounds great. Amazing how you can get a broader experience using social media for places to stay. I’m sure you’ll look back on some of those experiences as the best. Wondered if you’d had any takers for visits yet? Trying to fit somewhere within your schedule I was looking at the possibility of flying to Lyon (with bike) to watch Euros final on Sunday 9th of July and then riding down to Ventoux for the 14th if that’s when they’re doing it – always wanted to go up there since I read the book on Tom Simpson. I’d then have to get back to Lyon for return flight on the Sunday (some of that journey I might have to do on a train). Would be better if Ventoux had been on the Wednesday, but you can’t expect the French to re-arrange the Tour to fit my exam schedule. I’d have really liked to fly to Marseille for the game and ride to MV from there but flights, fares and timing are against me there. Could that fit in with your schedule at all?


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