Leaving the Camino

I haven’t really got much to say at the moment besides: lovely sun, hateful wind, flattish roads, luxurious hostels, plentiful food, afternoon beers, peregrinos, comfortable routine, streaming the Giro, early to bed, first to shred, nicking the best beds…

The facilities on the Camino are great, and I think I might try to come back to do this route or another one with a group, with much less gear; maybe fully lycra’d-up and credit-card touring.  You don’t really need a sleeping bag, or cooking stuff, or more than a few sets of clothes as pretty much every hostel has cooking and washing facilities.  If the weather and wind was favourable, you could do 100 mile days.  If it wasn’t you could take it easy and enjoy the “cheap essentials” and scenic little towns and just cruise off the hangovers.  You could do a MTB version too; prioritising all the off-road sections.

I’m ready to get off the route now though.  There are some really nice roads around here, but also some fairly treacherous trails, and I keep accidentally detouring on to the latter.  Which pushes me back to the main service road, which is really quiet but also boring and exposed to the wind.

I made it to Salamanca today and at the moment I’m trying to decide whether to stay here for an extra day, or go straight over to the Douro valley national park just inside Portugal.  After 8 consecutive days in the saddle, I fancy a rest, but the wind looks more favourable if I leave tomorrow…





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