‘cycling’s Coming Home

If you’ve been reading this blog, thinking, ‘wow, that Dan has hidden depths and sensitivity, I wish I’d valued him more while he was part of my day-to-day life rather than dismiss him as the meatheaded ignoramus he so resembles’, then now (or rather 6-9 weeks from now) is your time to make amends and satiate your appetite for a bit of Dan Time*.  Yes, I am coming back to the UK for a whistle-stop tour of places I’ve lived, have friends or can otherwise exploit goodwill and secure a bed for a night or seven.

I have my accommodation pretty much wrapped up except for a few nights (thanks real friends/family!) but I also have very few specific plans on how to fill my time, so if you want to meet up, and you’re around in the places below on the dates specified, or know of something fun that’s happening let’s work something out.

It should probably go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: I’m on a pretty tight budget on account of being unemployed/unemployable and ineligible for any kind of benefits so eating out and pub crawls aren’t really on the agenda, but going for a ride/walk, boozy ‘picnics’, house parties, and eating your food/drinking your beer** most definitely are.

Anyway, here’s my schedule – if you want to join me or know something’s happening,  send me an email/FB message/WhatsApp:

28th July – riding from Bristol to Worcester

29th – riding from Worcester to Birmingham

30th-2nd Aug – in Birmingham

3rd – riding from Birmingham to Tamworth

4th – riding from Tamworth to Nottingham

5th – riding Nottingham to Sheffield

6th/7th – in Sheffield

8th – riding Sheffield to Nottingham

9th/10th – not sure, probably Birmingham (offer me a bed?)

11th-17th/18th/19th – Birmingham (not sure when I will leave)

20th – riding through the night from Bath to Exmouth

21st – sleeping and drooling into my dinner in Dartmouth

22nd onwards – moping, staring out the window at mizzle and wondering what the point of it all was/is.


*Like Hammer Time, but a bit with tighter trousers.

**Just kidding, I’l bring a four-pack of Carling


6 thoughts on “‘cycling’s Coming Home

  1. Hi Dan, you’re welcome to stay at my place on 9&10 August if space still needed. It’s a vegan household of course so no sneaking any dead bodies into the fridge, animal or otherwise and you can leave the evening meals to me.


    • Cheers mate – maybe we can meet up for a ride and/or picnic or something. I’m going to need to avoid pubs on account of prolonged unemployment! Will definitely visit BR! though – hopefully arrange a post-work piss-up?


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