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My bike is an On-One Inbred 29er frame paired with a Surly ECR fork and various other bits I either had lying around or bought cheaply online (the internet may have robbed me of a line of work I enjoy, but I’m not going to deny its benefits).

The idea is that I can carry around some folding nobbly tyres and if I find myself in a suitable area, do some off-road riding, either from a fixed base on day rides, or as part of the tour itself.

I thought I had most of the camping stuff I’d require but I still ended up buying a bunch more.  Most important was a new tent I could sit up in, and a chair I could sit down on to read books, drink beer and eat delicious food.  I’ve no idea why I was originally seduced by a marginally smaller tent that is so small it’s uncomfortable, but I know myself well enough now that I can foresee plenty of times where that chair is going to be worth it’s weight in, well, not in gold because gold is really heavy, but it will be worth it’s own weight (which is about 1.5kg)